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Our Story

We are an importer and agent of small family estate wineries producing organic biodiverse wines.

The estates we represent use sustainable growing methods to make earth-friendly wines with an artisan wine making process that reflects the regional characteristics.

By importing wines from these small family estates, we are helping to protect unique grape varietals, winemaking styles from environmentally sustainable growers, and world-class producers.

Available Wines

The "Falesia" is the rock formation along the maritime coast of Gargano. It is characterized by parallel lines that inspired the label design.

Moscato 50%, Fiano 25%, Falanghina 25%
Organic method on the vines is to let the true potential of nature to express the full potential of this wine blend.
Vegan Wine by default - We use the artisanal method of clarifying the wine and use no animal byproducts.

Straw yellow colour– On the nose  conveys peach, orange blossom and rose petals. The taste is fresh, light and crisp with a green apple finish.
Making Falesia the optimal Aperitivo.

Pairings: Vegetable Canapes, Sushi, Light Seafood Dishes. Liguine al Vongole.

The story of the Fiano grape variety in Apulia region dates back 8 centuries as Frederick II favourite white wine during a feast. We used soft cold pressing to enhance the characteristic features of Fiano and to preserve the delicate citrus and tropical notes.

100% Fiano

Certified Organic & Vegan

We use the artisanal method of clarifying the wine and use no animal byproducts.

20 days at 16°C

6 months on its own yeasts .


Straw-yellow colour; The nose is complex and evolves positively over time; It shows hints of  white flowers, green apple, fennel, mint, lime, almond and black tea; On the palate it is fresh and sapid.

Pairings: Seafood and poultry aperitifs and Seafood with white wine sauce.
Linguine Alle Vongole.
Orecchiette con le Cime di Rapa.
Pugliese Chicken and Potatoes Roast.
Amazing pairing with creamy cheeses (Burrata, Ricotta, Stracciatella) 

Trosè” comes from Nero di Troia grapes vinified in rose, hence its name.

100% Nero di Troia

Certified Organic & Vegan
We use the artisanal method of clarifying the wine and use no animal byproducts.

Fermentation & Wine Making
4 hours grape skin contact, 12 days of fermentation at 16°C



Tasting Notes
Cherry pink colour; Intense aromas of violets, fresh berries and spices.
Fresh and structured on the palate.

Pairings: Charcuterie, Crab, Lobster, Salmon, savory Chicken Roasts and aged Cacciocavallo and Pecorino Cheese.

Falanghina is a wine grape of Greek origins and widespread in Campania. It expresses its full potential in northern Puglia thanks to the pedoclimatic conditions that are favourable to its nature.

100% Falanghina

Certified Organic & Vegan

We use the artisanal method of clarifying the wine and use no animal byproducts.

Fermentation & Wine Making
30 days at 16°C
6 hours skin contact

6 months on its own yeasts .


Straw-yellow colour; The nose is complex and evolves positively over time; It shows hints of  white flowers, green apple, fennel, mint, lime, almond and black tea; On the palate it is fresh and sapid.

Pairings: Veggie risotto, grilled fish, salmon or tuna steak, fish soups, aged cheeses.

Legend tells that the Greek hero Diomede, brought Nero di Troia from Troy to Gargano. Historians also say that Frederick II loved the taste the “full-bodied wine of Troy.” For a long time it has been a grape variety used to strengthen the weaker wines, but only in recent times has it been shown that vinifying it in purity produces wines of absolute value.

100% Nero di Troia

Certified Organic and Vegan
We use the artisanal method of clarifying the wine and use no animal byproducts.

Fermentation & Wine Making
30 days at 16°C
15 days skin contact

18 months in steel tanks and 8 months in bottle


Tasting notes
Ruby red colour, with entrancing hints of blackberries, currants, violets and spices. The taste is full, dry and balanced.

Pairings: Pork meat, spicy dishes, roasted meat with herbs, blue cheese, legume soup.

Our story begins in 1960 when the vine grower Giovanni Losito decided to plant new vines in the Terre del Gargano. He saw there the potential of a land surrounded by sea, mountains, vast extension of fertile land and excellent climate for vine growing.

Today his son and nephews continue the winemaking family tradition by producing Puglia organic family wines made from their 60 hectares family estate.

Through our wines we want you to discover our territory’s features and our family style refined during three generations of viticulture and winemaking. We are fully engaged in doing this by personally cultivating our 60 hectares, by following the organic farming practices and by using low intervention winemaking techniques that respect the natural goodness of grapes.

We believe that north Puglia has much to offer. It has an abundance of sun, fertile soil, good water and it is surrounded by sea and mountains. All these are essential elements to obtain high quality wines. In the past all these natural elements were exploited in order to obtain a production based on quantity, but now we are giving priority to quality given also the great territory potential.

The "Timorasso" is a forgotten varietal almost lost over time however has made its return thanks to the passion of some small producers who wanted to safeguard traditions and local varieties.

Timorasso is considered by many the white variety of Nebbiolo and therefore the queen of Piedmontese white wines. The vineyards are located in the hills of our estate in Momperone and the yield per hectare is generally low.

Hand-picked grapes, macerate at low temperature, then softly pressed. Static clarification and slow fermentation at low temperatures. It rest remains on the lees for six months with regular batonage.
The wine is then bottled and left for refinement for six more months before it is released on the market.

Pale yellow with golden reflections. Full-bodied with intense aroma of dried fruit, honey and walnut with a long and beautiful finish.

Pairings: Excellent with lobsters, prawns, scallops and sea bass, also with grilled chicken with white sauce pasta.

Nizza was born with the 2014 harvest, raising the Barbera sub-area to its own "Nizza DOCG" denomination. The Nizza Monferrato historically the most suitable area for Barbera wines.

After a first thinning of the grapes post veraison, the manual harvest in the box allows an additional careful selection. In the cellar in steel vats at a controlled temperature the grapes are destemmed and gently crushed to allow a greater contact to the surface of the wine with the skins during fermentation.
The wine is decanted to remove the coarser lees and left to rest on its own noble lees, which, thanks also at constant storage temperature, help the malolactic fermentation. Refines in 25HL oak barrels and, partly, in second passage barriques. It refines again in the bottle before being released on the market.

Deep ruby red color with delicate orange reflections due the long aging.
The aroma is intense, persistent with notes of vanilla and ripe, red fruits.
On the palate it is full-bodied with balanced acidity.

Pairings: Stew, Roasted Red Meats, Game and Aged Cheeses with Polenta

Alta Langa DOCG

70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Nero

A classification with a very long history, it was the first champenoise method since the mid-nineteenth century to be produced in Italy in the "Underground Cathedrals", many recognized today as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Harvested mid-August and brought to the cellar in crates for soft and progressive pressing. The must is then fermented in barriques. During the refinement, they will undergo second fermentation. For 30 months aged in contact on their lees then bottle aged on the  pupitres for the traditional riddling for clarification, then disgorged and corked.

Intense straw yellow with fine perlage. Complex, full-bodied and delicate aroma. On the palate it is rich, round and persistent with well-balanced acidity.

Pairings: Pairs excellently with shellfish dishes, octopus, sea bass & artichokes.

Tre Pupitres is one of the first cellars producing the rare Timorasso sparking wine using the champenoise method.

100% - Timorasso

The Timorasso is a great varietal for aging, perfecting rich and complexes scents and the minerality that characterizes it makes its evolution even more interesting.

Harvested in Mid August slightly earlier to preserve its acidity.  Softly pressed to extract only the first pressing must, then vinified at a controlled temperature. Follows a first refinement in steel on its own fine lees up to the tirage. Then it follows the refermentation in bottle and the long aging in puptres until disgorgement. The long refinement in the bottle on its own yeasts enhances all aspects of this unique wine.

Straw yellow color, intense aromas like hay and ripe pears, blended by the notes of the long aging on the lees. On the palate it is pleasantly dry, mineral and rich.

Pairings: Excellent with appetizers, ideal with fish courses, scallops, crustaceans and mussels .

The history of Cusmano Vini begins in 1988, and has developed until today with a production that involves 45 hectares of vineyards. The headquarters of the company was initially "La Corte", an agritourism in Calamandrana, but then, in 2012, it was relocated to a disused site, former apple cooperative of San Marzano Oliveto.

Combining the idea of revaluing the territory together with the possibility of being able to take advantage of very large spaces, a technologically advanced wine cellar was built, where all stages of winemaking take place.

"Tenute RaDe" line was born from the selection of the best grapes, conceived by the winemaker Daniele,who decided to name this way from the union of his name with his father's, Raimondo.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G "Vigna Scianello"

100% Sangiovese– locally named Prugnolo Gentile

‍Vigna Scianello Is the most beautiful Organic Vineyard we own; Four and a half hectares with four different soils:
Tuff, Clay, Marlstone and Red Soil. Vigna Scianello is  the highest expression of our passion.  Powerful and fascinating, produced only in the best vintages.

Fermentation & Vinification
process, at a controlled temperature, lasts 20/25 days

Aging and refining
12 months in oak barriques and bottle aging afterwards ageing

Food Pairing
Perfectly pairs with the masterpieces of the Tuscan traditional cuisine, as especially wild boar and Grilled Steak (Bistecca Fiorentina).

Pairings: Grilled Steak and meat dishes.

Santo Pellegrino
was my father’s name.
I dedicated this wine to him.

Hand harvested wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese.

Fermentation & Vinification
At controlled temperature for 20 to 25 days

Aging and refining
24 months in oak barriques and
12 months bottle aging afterwards.

Food Pairing
Pasta & Risotto dishes with hearty sauces. Beef, lamb, or game meats prepared with robust flavors. Aged cheeses complement this wine wonderfully.

La Ciarliana
Rosso di Montepulciano

Hand- harvested – Last days of September -  First days of October

80% Sangiovese
10% Canaiolo
10% Merlot

Fermentation & Vinification
10 to 15 days of fermentation at at controlled temperature.

Aging and Refining
6/12 months of ageing and refining  in stainless steel tanks, and a minimum of 4 months of bottle ageing.

Rosso di Montepulciano perfectly matches with finger food and appetizers.
Light pasta first courses, white meats and fresh cheese.
We adore pairing it with fish too

Donna Claudia
Is my mother’s name.
I dedicated this wine to her.

Enchanting floral, citrus and fruity aromas, thanks to its fresh acidity and nice body, Donna Claudia makes the perfect Aperitivo.

100% Sangiovese
Harvested in small boxes.

Bunches are quickly pressed from harvest and fermented at a controlled temperature.

Ageing and Refining
Aged for 6 months on fine lees in stainless steel tanks

Pairings: It gorgeously pairs with pasta and fresh cheese, but we like it especially with a Chianina tartare, Carpaccio and Sushi.

La Ciarliana is a dream that begun in 1996 with Luigi and his first Vintage of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. A dream that traces back to the passion he inherited through his father, Santo Pellegrino, and his grandfather Luigi in the 60's. A dream which is now a reality.

A history of earnest authenticity, skillful know how, care and respect for nature and quality and for this unique soil.